Tanith Belbin Why is She Famous

Tanith Belbin Why is She Famous
Tanith Belbin was born on July 11, 1984 in Kingston, Ontario and raised in Kirkland, Quebec. She lived and trained in Canton, Michigan for many years, before moving to Aston, Pennsylvania to train at Ice Works. Belbin's mother, Michelle Belbin, is a costume designer and she makes some of Belbin's costumes. Her father, Charles Belbin, an engineer, was a huge supporter of her career along with her mother. She is 5'6" tall . She was a pair skater before concenterating on ice dancing. She has won a number of awards with Benjamin Agosto and they ware ranked 4th in the world. Tanith Belbin has rocketed to international fame in a relatively short period of time, thanks primarily to her performance at the recent Winter Olympic Games (where, along with skating partner Ben Agosto, she won a silver medal).

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